How much does SELF cost?

There are different packages available for those who self-manage. Please refer to the Pricing page for details of the annual licence fees. There are no installation fees, no downloads and no fees per user, just one annual licence. The system is intuitive and training is not required although can be provided if required.

Can all property owners log in to SELF and what information can they access?

Yes. All leaseholders with an email address will be emailed an invitation to access your blocks information on SELF. Once logged in they will be able to see all documents stored for the block (for e.g end of year accounts, insurance etc.) and their own individual leaseholder service charge account. The directors of the blocks management company will be able to view all information. Only the administrator has editing rights.All rights are fully configurable for each block.

What information is needed to get started on SELF?

You will need to have the following information.

  • Companies House Company Number – this will auto-populate with Companies House and pull through relevant data to get you started for each block
  • The percentage each owner pays towards the service charge
  • Details of each owner: name; address; phone numbers; email addresses
  • Details for each tenant: name; address; phone numbers; email addresses
  • List of shareholders & the date they became shareholders
  • List of directors & dates they became directors
  • Contact names and details of all suppliers/ contractors for the property
  • Renewal dates for building and Directors & Officers liability insurance and the policy schedules for both
  • Bank Account details for service charge account
  • Opening balances for your bank account and each leaseholders service charge account
  • Copies of the following to upload and save to the system: leases; Memorandum & Articles; Incorporation; last three years accounts and; Directors and Officers and building insurance policies
  • You will need to delete cookies from your computer if you have received a demo so your computer forgets the demo login details
What Financial Reports are available in SELF to assist with block management and the preparation of the end of year service charge accounts?
  • Service Charge balancing reports
  • Cashbook reports
  • Nominal Detail reports
  • Apportionment reports
  • Expenditure reports
  • Trial balance reports
  • Creditors & Debtors reports
  • Bespoke financial reports can be created for Clients as an additional request.
How is SELF going to help me block manage?

SELF will save you time through: clever accounting features; calendar reminders; instant online communication between users and leaseholder and; approved local contractors at the click of a button.

SELF will save you money by: being better value and more intelligent than other block management software.

SELF will transform communication by: transferring communication online; providing an instant messaging service; bringing transparency to the whole process and; providing a voting tool so leaseholders can remotely reach decisions.

SELF will help you stay compliant through: instant access to knowledge and advice from our block management experts; a database of recommended lawyers and accountants and online resources to keep you up-to-date with regulation.

Can service charge invoices be emailed directly to leaseholders?

Yes. When the annual budget has been approved and service charge demands are generated they will be automatically emailed to leaseholders with a summary of rights and obligations attached. If a leaseholder does not use email their service charge demand can be printed and posted in the normal way.

What should we do If our blocks service charge year does not match the financial year of the limited management company?

We recommend changing the financial year end by either lengthening or shortening the financial year end at Companies House as this will ease your administrative burden. It is worth noting that you can only lengthen an accounting period once within a five year period, however it can be shortened more frequently.

How will SELF help me prepare the end of year service charge accounts for our blocks?

As part of our ongoing campaign to create a series of time-saving solutions to common scenarios that property managers and book-keepers face in the management of blocks of flats we have created the ability to export ALL the documents accountants need to prepare the end of year service charge accounts in one digital file with one click. Please watch our video above explaining how our new ‘End of Year Pack’ function works.

How secure is the data?

Our cloud-based software is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform, the adopter of the world’s first code of practice for cloud privacy.

  • Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards, including the UK G-Cloud.
  • Most of the world’s largest brands use Azure such as Pixar, eBay, Travelocity, Boeing, EasyJet, Samsung, Xerox, 3M, Mazda, Aston Martin and BMW to name a few.
  • All data transmissions are protected by SSL secure certification with SHA-256 with RSA Encryption between the browser and the server. Additionally, no two clients share the same database, each client has their own database instance, a first in our industry.